The Calvary Chapel Youth Leader Conference is a ministry of Calvary South Austin in Austin, TX. Visit the Calvary South Austin website for more information about our church!


Many youth leader conferences focus on various aspects of youth leadership (e.g. ministry growth, current trends, etc.). The Calvary Chapel Youth Leader Conference, on the other hand,  focuses on a more fundamental aspect — “teaching leaders to teach.”

Whether you are a new or seasoned youth leader, our hope is to instill a passion and knowledge of God’s word in your life, so that you will be able to guide and teach your youth how to navigate through important issues, using sound, biblical principles.

This is our 4th year hosting the conference, and we are excited to provide this opportunity to the surrounding Calvary Chapel youth leaders in the central Texas area.

Youth Camp

In addition to the youth leader conference, we host a planning meeting for our annual summer youth camp. Our youth camp is open to any Calvary Chapel churches in the surrounding central Texas area (we even have a church from Louisiana joining us!).

If you would like more information or you think your church would like to join us, please visit the Calvary Youth Camp website for more info on how to register!